HFMC – update (juni 2013)

HFMC will start to work on their third still untitled album on August 8th. The band will once again record the backing tracks at Big Jambo Studios together with Jouni Niemi and collaborate with sound engineer Petrus Königsson to record vocals, overdubbs etc.

Hasse says: “To me, this set of songs sounds a bit more theatrical and maybe even more experimental compared to the material on our previous albums. I’m not saying it’s a concept album but lyricwise I’ve noticed that the songs are about how we see and experience time. It’s nothing I planned, in fact I realized it just the other week as I was listening through the demos. Apart from that I guess we used some familiar HFMC ingredients as we put some spicy prog, juicy rock and sweet pop in the stew, just added with a little more temper this time!”

The album is planned to be released in May 2014 and will be followed by a tour later in the autumn. Stay tuned for more info.
Before Hasse joins The Flower Kings again on their upcoming “Banks of Eden-tour”,

he and The Musical Companion wants to direct a big thank you to all the promoters and organizers,

during the “Powerplay-tour” – no one mentioned, no one forgotten.

Hasse and the band have already started to write new material.

The band has also been offered some festival gigs next year.

In other words, there seems to be business as usual.

In the meantime we wish Hasse good luck on the road with TFK!!!

For information about The Flower Kings tour dates, please check out the link below!



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Powerplay tour 2012

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May 5th - RoSfest, Gettysburg Pa, USA

May 8th - Roxy and Dukes, Dunellen NJ, USA

May 9th - The Magic Room, Bostom Ma, USA

June 1st - Katalin, Uppsala, Swe

June 2nd - Studion, Umeå, Swe

July 6th - de Lakei, Helmond, Ndl

July 7th - Night of the Prog, Loreley, Deu

July 12th - Nemis Festivalen, Stadsträdgårn', Lidköping, Swe [cancelled]

Aug 11th - Uppsala Proggressive Rock Festival, Parksnäckan Uppsala, Swe
HFMC at RoSfest

HFMC is now confirmed for RoSfest (Rites of Spring festival). The event will take place on the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA, on the 4-th, 5-th and 6-th of May 2012. For the members of HFMC, the timing of this wonderful news couldn’t be better. Hasse says: “To get such inspiring news just as we’re about to enter the studio, is definitely good for the working moral”.

Here is the link: www.rosfest.com/index.php

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